RAPTOR provides a unique opportunity for digital start-ups to access grants, expert mentoring, technology training and workshops. RAPTOR helps start-ups to develop and launch digital innovation, supporting them in moving forward with their original app ideas and growing their businesses. The RAPTOR Incubation Programme also enables start-ups to connect with key players in transport, retail, urban environment, technology and the public sector.

Stakeholders in the RAPTOR project will define business challenges. RAPTOR invites start-ups to submit their solutions in response to these real-life challenges. Winning SMEs will get the opportunity to participate in the RAPTOR Incubation Programme at Digital Enterprise Greenwich, one of London's innovation hot spots.

RAPTOR Project in a Nutshell

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Come to our final event on 28th November 2013!

RAPTOR Pitch Me Bro' @ Digital Enterprise Greenwich - London

As the RAPTOR project is coming to an end, this will be the final RAPTOR Demo Night in co-operation with Don't Pitch me Bro'. RAPTOR Pitch me Bro' will feature the highlights of the two-year project. RAPTOR winners will show demos of their innovative solutions for the Internet of Everything in local government, transport, building management, healthcare, home appliances, and others.

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Care Systems Integration

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Workware Systems

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Presence Orb

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